Prayer Requests

The Centre for Living Truth is a prayer ministry that believes in the healing power of positive prayer.

Gladys Grier, daughter of founder Rev. Dr. Albert Grier states "The Right understanding of Prayer involves the right understanding of God, man and the relationship between the two."

New Thought teaches the use of affirmative prayer, opening our consciousness to all the good that God desires for us and provides for us.

If you are in need of Prayer, email to and our prayer team will know with you and for you that your higher self, your God self is moving through all situations in your life and you are whole and complete.

All Prayer Requests are confidential and remain with our prayer team for three months.


May You Ever Feel God's Presence Guiding Your

Life and the Lives of Your Dear Ones,

Knowing That He Deeply Blesses Each Of You.

Rev. Rosemary’s Prayers for Pets

Prayers for Pets, honours the memory and dedication of Reverend Rosemary Ryder whose deep love for animals and for the world left a lasting legacy.

Rev. Rosemary had a deep and personal relationship with God, and through her belief in the Power of Prayer created Prayers for Pets, a healing ministry for all of God’s creatures.  Rosemary taught everyone to honour the unconditional love and the healing qualities that all animals give to the world.  Today a committed group of prayer partners continue her Prayers for Pets. 

Our pets and all animals of this world are a divine gift from our Creator God.  If you have a pet or know of an animal in need of prayer please forward the name of your pet  and  the prayer request  to  A group of dedicated individuals will enter prayer and hold the Truth for your beloved pet.  All the prayers will be held in confidence for 3 months.

The Centre for Living Truth is a member of International Alliance of the Churches of Truth.

We meet in the Elaine Mae Theatre at 27 Dundurn Street North in Hamilton, Ontario
on Sundays at 10:30am.