Dear Friends,

We are certainly in challenging times and it is with regret that I must announce that we have decided to close our doors as a Centre. This decision was not made lightly but with inner reflection and deep caring for each and everyone. With the announcement COVID-19 as a pandemic and the closing of the Staircase as a venue, it was very challenging to find a new venue which would make sense in terms of the requirements for social distancing. 

We know that social isolation can be very damaging and that this is a time when we need to be conscious people in need within our families, social circles, and neighbourhoods. One to one contact is not advised, but please check in with emails, social media and phone calls.

This is a time when we as followers of TRUTH, put into practice all that we know. Yes, it is a pandemic, but it is also a time for us to join together to be the light, to know God, is greater than any thing in this world. Remember there is One Presence, One Power active in the Universe and in our lives, God the Good, Omnipotent . We may not know why we are experiencing this disease in the world, but we know that this too shall end and we will be stronger and better in ways that we cannot imagine.

I am holding a virtual prayer healing circle on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. through Zoom conference system. If you would like to be part of this please let me know.

Until we can meet in person, please take care.

Blessings to you,
Rev. Rosemary Coburn


The Centre for Living Truth is an inclusive, compassionate and welcoming Spiritual Community founded on the Teachings of Christ. We value the Truth of each person and their search for understanding. We seek to live a life of integrity, awareness and consciousness striving to be visible and proactive in demonstrating a world that works for everyone.


The Centre for Living Truth supports a Spiritual foundation for all uplifting and inspiring with integrity, compassion and awareness of the One Power, GOD.

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